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A Blake Story: Innocence - PS5 Update Live, New Game Scenes

A Blake Story: Innocence – PS5 Update Live, New Game Scenes

Free PS5 update A Blake Story: Innocence Available, which will benefit early PS4 version buyers. PlayStation Plus users have to be patient until tomorrow.

Shines on PlayStation 5 A Blake Story: Innocence 60fps at 4f resolution and in 3D audio. DualSense controller still supports immersion. Current Patch 1.09 also has support for cross-generation cloud saving, which means you can take the space you left on the PS4 on the PS4.

In A Blake Story: Innocence During the Dark Ages in European history, soldiers follow in the footsteps of young Amecia and her younger brother Hugo on their gruesome journey. Amnesia and Hugo, persecuted by the investigation and surrounded by ruthless rats, must learn to understand and trust each other. Against all odds, they are fighting for mere survival in this ruthless world.

We won by the title on the PS4 Our review Then held. In it it said:

“A Blake Story: If playfulness is a somewhat shallow adventure, innocence is visually appealing. We can recommend this to anyone who values ​​a good story, dense atmosphere and real characters. […] We like to see these types of single-player titles often entertaining and emotional. A Blake Story: Innocence is a real pearl that runs the paths of games like The Lost of S – and does a lot right in this process. It’s really great art! “

The update is available for free to PlayStation 4 users. With A Blake Story: Request There is also a continuum in the works.

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