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8 or 9 planets?  The solar system still holds many mysteries

8 or 9 planets? The solar system still holds many mysteries

The work of American researchers is bringing us even closer to the famous imaginary ninth planet in our solar system.

A few years ago, a couple of astronomers announced they had seen and threw stones into the pool Traces of the Ninth Planet In the solar system. But since then, the radio has been silent. To date no one has succeeded in directly observing this hypothetical celestial body. But of New job Discovered by The future May allow substantial access to it.

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma have continued to do soLarger models Different Evolutionary views of the solar system Over billions of years. They include apparently known planets, but with a greater number of particles representing objects from the Khyber belt disk. And, surprisingly, Only one of these models has 8 planets in the solar system That we know today! Everyone else, on the other hand, has decided to be famous Planet nine.

In the samples in question, the researchers observed several Transneptunian objects (Called OTN) tends to accumulate in a particular orbit. In the nine-planet simulations, they were slightly tilted each time compared to Earth, and were 40 to 50 times farther apart. However, this does not apply to simulation as a result of the eight planets. According to researchers, this confirms Very real probability There must be a ninth planet in this region.

Why is it so hard to take care of her?

But finding this planet is challenging Confirm its existence beyond doubt. However, it is very difficult to observe objects at this distance, especially when you do not know where to look. Researchers must always reconcile the two extremes. For one they use a broader approach, but with less precision, thus taking the risk of losing interesting objects. On the contrary, it can be noticed Restricted area with high precision. But this long technique will cause us to lose celebrities Planet nine If it is out of this view.

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Even with advanced equipment, it is not possible to search for distant objects without solid clues. ©: Hubble / NASA / ESA.

Thanks to this study, astronomers have very interesting clues about its possible state. They now have a Clear idea of ​​the area targeting their tools. “This is a very beautiful study, which can be verified by directly monitoring the forecasts.Says Kate Volk, an independent astronomer in the study The world of physics. “These predictions are necessary to test the different scenarios presented in Planet Nine.“, She adds.

In the coming years, astronomers will scan this part of the sky in hopes of seeing a possible ninth planet. But even if you know roughly where to look, the task seems too complicated. Before looking at it directly, they can read this collection of OTN from all angles. With a little luck, this time they will find undeniable evidence that will allow them to finally draw the portrait on Planet Nine.

The full text of the study is available Here.