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8 free tools you need to know to get 2022 off to a good start

8 free tools you need to know to get 2022 off to a good start

Find free and practical tools to get 2022 off to a good start. Objective: To be very efficient!

Selection of tools to know to save time in 2022. © Rostislav Sedlacek –

1. TinyWow: Modify and upgrade all your files

TinyWow is a free online tool that has the advantage of being all-in-one. It allows you to edit your PDF files, videos and images. For example, you can convert PDF to JPG, sculpt or compress video, convert video to GIF … Another advantage: you do not need to create an account to use different services.

2. Letsfind: Create polls without imposed ads

This doodle alternative offers the ability to design surveys for free, without the need to create an account and display ads. You can create a poll with multiple dates to set up the event (meetings, meetings, etc.) or create a poll with multiple answers in text format. Copy the link to send your survey to those involved.

3. Share image collections online

Need to share multiple photos fast? Nothing can be simpler with Once you’ve downloaded the photos you want, the tool creates two links: a shared link to send the album to the people involved, and an editing link that allows you to add other images if needed. People who click on your share link can see all your pictures instantly and download if they want. Note: Albums expire after 90 days. Easily delete objects from a photo

This online tool allows you to easily delete an element from a photo without the need for technical skills. You have a brush tool at your disposal and you can choose the size of the object you want to destroy. The tool requires only 1 to 3 brush strokes to completely remove the element in question, while maintaining as stable a background as possible.

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5. FocoClipping: Remove image background with one click

Need “Lightning” clipping? You can use FocoClipping, which removes the background of any photo you want with one click. Automatic clipping is not always perfect and you can change it as you wish using the editor provided. Once the changes are made, you can download the edited image for free.

6.kMeet: Start video meeting from any device

kMeet is a free video conferencing solution developed by the Swiss company Infomaniak. This online tool is secure and based on open source Zitsy Meat software. You can make a video call without creating an account. Another advantage to emphasize: no time limit or number of participants. kMeet is available via web browser or applications: iOS and macOS, Windows and Android.

7. Organize your notes into mental maps

This open source tool allows you to design mental maps online in just a few clicks. The tool is easy to use, you can easily customize your “notes”: change the color, add emojis, copy and paste branches … Once your mental map is finalized, you can export it in the form of png or .json.

8. Flipboard: Follow the news according to your favorite themes

We recommend Flipboard, a tool similar to Feedly Tracking, to follow all the news on the Internet with confidence and performance. When you create an account, select your favorite topics and Flipboard will display content from media and blogs that match your interests. So, every day, at a glance, you can discover new content and stay up to date on your favorite topics!

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