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7 World Records for KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti EX Gamer

7 World Records for KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti EX Gamer

When talking about performances and world records criteria, We often think of high-end models and at KFA2 it’s often the series ” Greetings “. And yet it is here KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti EX Gamer Who stood out and how! She was the only one who fell down 7 world records.

Entries received on that day Definitions Following are: Ice Storm, Ice Storm Extreme, Ice Storm Unlimited, Cloud Gate, Overlay 1080p Medium (1xGPU), CATZILLA – 720P (1xGPU) and CATZILLA – 576P (1xGPU). Some though Definitions In relation to CPU performance, the RTX 3090 Ti EX Gamer was able to hit 2400 MHz clocks to break those records. Tests were conducted A ROG Z690 APEX associated with An i9-12900K.

A copy of the KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti EX camera was able to benefit from intensive cooling under liquid nitrogen, which made it possible to stably reach a boost frequency of 2700 MHz (900 Watts). The card was definitely equipped with BIOS to overcome the limitations. When the temperature in the lab is back to normal, we will also give our copy a session under LN2 KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF.