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5G confirms tests on millimeter wave emission in France

5G confirms tests on millimeter wave emission in France

An emission test on a 26 GHz band carried out inside the Rennes station yielded promising results in emission levels.

In FranceNational Frequency Agency (ANFR) Renz has released the results of a test carried out on 5G millimeter waves measured inside the train station. This test considers emissions in the 26 Ghz band, one of the regions of the spectrum identified for 5G, and emissions levels are found to be “too low for regulatory limits”.

At the Rens station

He writes it Gallery, The departure of the Rennes station and the emission of two 26 GHz antennas manufactured on a trial basis by Nokia, reporting the promising results of the test carried out on the arrival team. Recorded emission levels range from 0.4 to 3.2 volts per meter (v / m).

In France the limit is 10 times higher than in Italian, where the maximum emission limit is set at 6 v / m. As a result, the French test would have completely exceeded even the narrowest limits of our country.

Very localized expression

The prepared expression, completed by ANFR, is highly translated. And as you move away from the 5G beams, the signal effect decreases. The antenna divides the signal according to the number of users. The more users there are, the less exposure is strong.

Last April, the French healthcare company (ANSES) released another highly anticipated report on the effects of 5G, with frequencies in the 3.5 Gz band defined as “impossible” by another band already assigned to 5G and already assigned to operators. A health risk.

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