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3 million copies of Ace Combat 7, Pokemon - Authors New Chapter

3 million copies of Ace Combat 7, Pokemon – Authors New Chapter

Ace Battle7 Wholesale 3 million copies And Bandai Namco announced a New chapter The works of the series are: Authors Pokemon: Shining diamond and shining pearl.

So, if last January Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown equals 2.5 million copies, the numbers will increase further and the publisher will continue to release new content for the game.

However, it is now clear that a new era is on the horizon for the owner, directed by Kasutoki Kono, who will try to introduce new ideas by joining the ILCA comrades development team.

There are no details on the direction Ace Combat will take from here at the moment, and of course the series has lived a relatively difficult period as there have always been no direct competitors leading up to any kind of competition.

However, ASLC Combat 7: ILCA is not new to its collaboration with the Bandai Namco brand, as Skys contributed to the creation of cinematic sequences unknown and other elements of the project.

Return to Pokemon: A new trailer for Shiny Diamonds and Shining Pearls was released today during the Pokemon Awards.

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