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2021 Nations League Final, Buy Your Tickets!  |  Uefa Nations League

2021 Nations League Final, Buy Your Tickets! | Uefa Nations League

Public tickets for the 2021 UEFA Nations League final and third place match will remain open and will continue until all tickets are sold out.

Italian authorities have confirmed the rate of filling the stadium with at least 50% capacity for the tournament, which ends on October 10. Each of the participating associations has been allocated 3,000 tickets for their sponsors. The sale of these tickets was organized by each national association.

Tickets reserved for the general public will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Fans can buy two tickets per person.

Types of prices for all audiences are as follows:

Italy – Belgium, fight for third place

Sunday 10 October: Italy v Belgium, third place match (Juventus Stadium, Turin, 3pm)
Type 3: 10
Type 2: 20
Type 1: 40

Sunday October 10: Spain v France, final (San Ciro, Milan, 8:45 pm)
Type 3: 10
Type 2: 30
Type 1: 70

Admission tickets for disabled visitors are available for 10 (Type 3 rate and one person ticket free)

Spain and France are waiting for the final

Spain and France are waiting for the final

Access to the grounds

To enter the arenas, spectators over the age of 12 are strictly a EU Digital Govt Certification, Requires one of these conditions:

  • Complete COVID-19 vaccine with certification confirming complete and valid vaccination schedule
  • Complete recovery from COVID-19 in the last six months
  • Negative result in antigenic or molecular test performed in the 48 hours prior to competition.

Note : Fans coming from abroad must comply with border entry restrictions and requirements used in Italy at that time. Ticket holders are not exempt.

Contact information for ticket holders

Ticket buyers must comply with the requirements of the Italian authorities regarding the obligation to provide contact details of each ticket holder within a specified time frame. This must be done through the hold / transfer function of the official UEFA Mobile Ticket Ticket app. The exact deadline for a match for ticket allocation / transfer is specified This article (In English).

The personal data of the ticket holder (s) will not be requested at the time of purchase. However, when mobile tickets are distributed to you you must provide them through the UEFA Mobile Ticket App.

Electronic tickets

Tickets will be issued through the UEFA Mobile Ticket App. Ticket buyers need to download the official processor available on Android and iPhone.

With this app, ticket holders can safely download, transfer, store or assign tickets anytime, anywhere via iOS / Android smartphone.

Additional information on electronic tickets

Frequently Asked Questions are available And contains videos on the use of electronic tickets.

General ticket conditions

Tickets for the 2021 UEFA Nations League Finals are sold subject to strict conditions, which prohibit any unauthorized resale or transfer and invalidate tickets purchased or used in violation of the Terms and Conditions. All ticket holders are subject to these Terms of Sale and UEFA strictly enforces these rules. Online requests will be checked with the relevant authorities to ensure that no one banned from participating in football matches can buy tickets. Tickets for the 2021 UEFA Nations League Finals will be on sale exclusively at UEFA urges all football fans to refrain from purchasing tickets or hospitality packages from unauthorized vendors, agents or websites as tickets purchased in violation of UEFA’s terms and conditions are not valid and buyers of these tickets will be denied entry into the stadium.

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