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1858 Notice of Workplaces

1858 Notice of Workplaces

In the Official Gazette of the Republic – 4th Special Series of 1 October 2021, Competitions and Elections, n. 78, Expected Call for Social Security Adviser 1858 Workplaces INPS Staff, Part C, National Area Released (Text below)


Requirements for joining the competition

To participate in the competition, you must have one of the following qualifications:

  • Master’s / Special Degree (LM / LS) In: Finance (LM-16 or 19 / S), Management Engineering (LM-31 or 34 / S), International Relations (LM-52 or 60 / S), Economics (LM-56 or 64 / S), Political Science (LM-62 or 70 / S), Public Administration Science (LM-63 or 71 / S), Economics for Environment and Culture (LM-76 or 83 / S), Economic Science-Business (LM-77 or 84 / S) ), Science for Development Cooperation (LM-81 or 88 / S), Statistical Science (LM-82), Methods of Assessment Analysis of Complex Systems (48 / S), Demographics and Social Statistics (90 / S), Economics, Financial and Performance Statistics ( 91 / S), Experimental Research Statistics (92 / S), Practical and Financial Statistics (LM-83), Social Work and Social Policy (LM-87), Planning and Management of Social Policies and Services (57 / S), Sociology and Social research (LM-88), sociology (89 / S), methods for empirical research in the social sciences (49 / S), European studies (LM-90 or 99 / S), Judiciary (LMG-01 or 22 / S), Theory and Standardization and Legal Information Technology (102 / S) or Bachelor’s degree (DL) according to the “old system” Similar to one of the above postgraduate degrees as per the order of 9 July 2009 of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.


The competition process consists of two written exams and an oral exam. In particular:

  • The First writing test It involves solving multiple choice questions to discover knowledge of the following subjects: budget and public accounting, planning, programming and regulation and organization and business management, administrative and constitutional law, labor law and social law;
  • There too Second writing test It will address a series of exam questions, but will focus on the following topics: financial science, labor economics, economic policy, civil law, and criminal law;
  • The Oral selection The focus will be on subjects like writing exams, English and ID.

Applicants who score at least 21/30 in both the written exams can access the oral exam.

If there are more than 25,000 applications to participate, candidates must do one more Pre-selection test Includes solution of multiple choice questions in psychology, logic, English language, computer skills and general culture.

Evaluation of qualifications

There are certain qualifications that, if they are in the application form and announced, will give you the right to earn extra points for the purpose of being placed in the final rankings of the competition.

These qualifications may be granted to applicants Up to a maximum of 30 points And as follows:

  • 3 points for Masters / Expert / Old system with final grade from 101 to 105;
  • 6 marks for Masters / Expert / Old system with final grade 106 to 110;
  • 9 points for Masters / Expert / Old system with 110 cum lot final grade;
  • 4 points for one or more secondary masters related to the subjects mentioned in this competition notice;
  • 8 points for one or more research doctoral degrees (DR) related to the subjects mentioned in this call for applications;
  • Regardless of the reported score, 4 points for an additional postgraduate / expert / old system degree (points) compared to those required to participate in the competition;
  • 1 point for having at least a basic level ID Knowledge Certificate;
  • 5 points for certification – currently valid – knowledge of the English language, equivalent to the minimum level B2 of the general European frame;
  • 8 points for certification – currently valid – knowledge of the English language, equivalent to the minimum level C1 of the General European Framework.
You work in public

To prepare for the exam you can download:

Integrated Law for Public Employment 2021
Updated to the latest law

Terms and procedures for submitting applications

Application for participation in the competition must be submitted by 4.00 pm on the thirty-first day starting from the date of publication in the Official Gazette.Exclusively electronically, using the SPID (General Digital Identification System) and the specific application available at the web address

Proof Diary

Official Gazette of the Republic – 4th Special Series November 26, 2021 Written exams or pre-selection methods, location, date and time, if any, will be indicated.

INPS Match 2021 >> Download PDF Text

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