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12 Parties, 3 Independent Optimists Download EC Nomination Forms

12 Parties, 3 Independent Optimists Download EC Nomination Forms

Twelve political parties and three independent presidential candidates have so far downloaded Election Commission nomination forms to run in the 2020 presidential election.

Sources in the Election Commission said eight political parties, including the National Democratic Congress, the New Patriotic Party and the Ghana Union Movement, had indicated their submission dates after the meeting on Friday afternoon.

After the successful download of the forms, all parties are hopeful that independent presidential candidates will file their nominations in a timely manner.

Presidential and parliamentary optimists will file nominations for the December 7, 2020 general election from Monday, October 5 to Friday, October 9, according to the commission timetable.

Presidential hopefuls are expected to submit their completed nomination forms and the banker’s draft of GHS 100,000 to the Election Commission at its headquarters in Accra.

Parliamentary hopefuls will submit their forms and the draft GH బ్యా 10,000 bankers to the commission offices in the constituencies.

The Election Commission has begun nominating presidential and parliamentary optimists for the December 15, 2020 elections.

Optimists must download the forms from the EC’s website and submit them as part of the coverage of COVID-19.

In the last election, the filing of nominations took place in two days, but was increased to five days for the 2020 elections.

The filing fee will be refunded if 25 per cent of the total valid votes cast by the Presidential candidate are received.

For parliamentary candidates, 12.5 per cent of the total valid votes will be refunded.

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However, disqualified optimists will not be refunded after the nominations have been filed.

Speaking at a press conference to launch the nomination filing, the EC Chairperson said, “To ensure the security and integrity of the nomination process, each political party will be provided with a unique password to access the password-protected nomination forms.”