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100,000 contemporary players, five years after launch -

100,000 contemporary players, five years after launch –

Three days ago Who died by daylight Reached him Maximum peak of players Connected simultaneously Server The game is played: 105,093. At the time of writing, more than ninety thousand players have been connected, according to SteamdB. These are a considerable number, especially considering that we have been talking about a game on its shoulders for five years. What is the reason for the renewed success of this horror cover-up and search?

Without many mysteries, some streamers Traction They started running us back and dragged a section of their audience with them. This is a very common scenario for games with live service functions, the luck of which is often dictated by these heroes of contemporary gamers. Numerous DLCs with popular horror series characters and highly relevant original designs also helped.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game (4 Vs 1) in which a player plays the role of an outrageous killer and the other 4 plays Survivors, trying to escape from the killer, avoiding being caught, tortured and killed.

Survivors play as a third person and have the benefit of better situational awareness. The killer plays the first person and focuses more on his prey.

Survivors’ goal is to escape from the hunting ground without being caught by the killer, which seems to be easier than it actually is, especially when the scene changes every time you play.