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10 hours free trial on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play -

10 hours free trial on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play –

Battlefield 2042 Can be properly tested before purchasing with Classic Try it for free From 10 ore Provided by the EA Play program, it has been confirmed for the new DICE shooter and is also available to users Xbox Game Boss.

According to reports about Battlefield 2042 Official Page Beginning, with Electronic Arts November 12, 2021, Which is one week before the game’s official release date and when initial access for subscribers begins, any user of EA Play or Xbox Game Pass can access the game and try for 10 hours.

Subscribers EA Play Pro The full game can be accessed directly using the possibility of enjoying the new shooter generously without time limits and the benefits of the Ultimate Edition, but apparently even subscribers of standard EA Play and Xbox Game Pass can. However, try Battlefield 2042 fully before purchasing.

Note that we are talking about Xbox Game Pass subscriptions StandardAccording to Electronic Arts reports, Ultimate does not have access to the 10 hour test of Battlefield 2042.

Of course, those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription are also eligible for the 10-hour trial, but it will be available with a lower tier subscription, frankly.

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