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10 Google Maps Tricks Everyone Should Know

10 Google Maps Tricks Everyone Should Know

Google Maps Is the most popular navigation service. According to Google Use more than One Billion people Service active. Unknown to many: It offers more features than pure navigation from the current location to the destination.

We will show you useful tricks that the application can still do. The following tricks are valid for Android and iOS applications.

1. Make intermediate stops on the routes

On the way from A to B you can insert stops in Google Maps. To do this, enter the target in the search bar and click on it 3 points In the upper right corner of the screen and then “Insert stop“In the search field below the destination, you can click on one of the codes displayed there Supermarkets, Petrol stations, Restaurants Or Cafes Click. You can manually select one or more stops on the map by moving the target icon back and forth. This gives you a better idea of ​​how long a trip will actually take.

You can also use this method to avoid certain places. Who doesn’t have it German corner He wants to go to Tyrol and use it as a stop Zell am See Or Biscopsofen And Salfeldon in the Stone Sea.

2. Save space for parking

Google Map users can use this to easily find a parked car Parking space To do this to save, you need to click on the icon that shows the current location (blue dot). iOS-Users “Set up as a parking space“, AndroidUsers “Save parking space“This location will be saved until you remove it again. To do this, click on the location of the parking lot.”To turn off“.

3. Direct-Share location with friends

Google Maps allows you to share your current location with friends for a limited time. They can see in real time how the location icon moves on the map and know where you are currently. You need this functionality Profile-icon To the right of the search field and “Location sharingClick. In the next step, you can select the people you want to share the location with and specify how long it will take.

4. Download the offline map

If you are worried about the lack of internet connection while traveling, you can Offline maps Download Tamil. Enter the location in the navigation bar and click on the specific destination, for example the booked hotel or restaurant you want to visit. And then on 3 points Click near the search bar “Download the offline map“Click.

5. See the full history of the place

About Google-Maps-Timeline-Website One can see all the places visited so far. However, this feature “Spatial History” Enabled on the smartphone Both. Depending on the places visited, users may receive various suggestions. If the service is not enabled, users can access the website “Manage Location History” Click Activity in the next step To implement.

6. Save favorite places

You can make a list of your favorite places you want to see again. To do this, enter the respective location and click “Save to systemIn the next step, users can choose 3 Ask Select: “Favorites“,I have to go“Or”Marked locations“Above.”New list“You also have the option to create your own listings.

7. Label locations for quick searches

You can put one Label Collaboration. Users can enter this in the search bar instead of the place name to quickly find the target. To do this, you enter the respective location and click on “.Label“Click.

8. Send directions to your mobile phone

Many people prefer to use the desktop version to plan a route, for example long trips. Once the route is planned, you can transfer it to your mobile phone. To do this, click on the path calculation “Send directions to my smartphone“As a result, a window will appear with the option to select the path that will pop up Gmail address Or as SMS Send to mobile phone.

9. Select from 3 vehicle icons

With this feature, the benefit is small, but the fun factor is huge: once you start a navigation, it shows you Blue arrow Current location. You can change this icon. If you click the arrow, more vehicle icons will be displayed. There is a red to choose from Car, A tattoo Pick-up And a yellow SUV. If you click on one of the symbols, replace the arrow with the vehicle.

10. Turn street men into UFOs

Anyone who is bored at this time can spend their time with a fun Easter egg. Are you there Desktop-version .Section 51“Hey, you can pull the Yellow Beckman into that area and pull the street scene man into one UFO Transformation.

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