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This is Tax Doo now the highest rated game for critics by 2021 - Nert 4. Life

1 million copies sold in a month –

It takes two It was confirmed a Success In terms of sales, considering that this has already been achieved since its release 1 million copies sold, Hazelight Studios Group reported today.

‘S new creature Joseph charge It already relies heavily on the critics who gave it a great reception, but this game also seems to be well-received. Users, Sold its first million copies Less than a month, Release date before March 26, 2021.

The announcement came directly from the Twitter account Hazelight Studios, In which the team would like to thank all the users for their affection for the game, which means a lot to them, considering the small size of the team (supported by a big publisher like EA).

Joseph Fares, the director / designer who is considered the main manager of the project as the founder of the development team, is even more excited: “It shows that there are definitely players who like the titles they play exclusively Cooperative Multiplayer“Thanks to everyone, I hope we can see more games like this,” Forres wrote.

It Taxes Too is considered to be the sum total of Joseph Fares’ specific video game view, based on Collaboration Between the two players: Started with the Brothers: The Story of Two Sons, then continued with A Way Out, this particular view was further refined with It Takes Two, which was very well received by all.

As you can read in the review of It Tax Doe by Francesco Serino, we loved the game too.

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