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1 40 thousand blocks -

1 40 thousand blocks –

Walheim Undoubtedly the game of the moment. However, behind this difficult Viking-themed survival is more than just fighting with other players and trying to cope with suffering. For example, one player decided to create anything less than 1: 1 reproducible using the flexibility allowed by the game machine Tour Eiffel, The most representative monument of France and Paris. Sasafi had to use roughly to create this miracle 40 thousand blocks.

It took about Sasafi 2 weeks, We wanted to suppress a timelapse video (which we propose below) in which you can see the tremendous effort you put in. Attempt for the creator of the project to place more than 40,000 volumes than his PC. During the construction of the last 5-6 levels, the frame rate dropped to about 5 FPS.

If you are interested in seeing this project live, especially if you have one Powerful enough PC To manage this very long process, you can download the works of Sasafi at this address. All you have to do is copy the file to “C: ers users[UserName] AppData LocalLow IronGate Valheim worlds “This way you will see the Eiffel Tower when you start the game.

Who knows what the Panic Button team that volunteered to bring Walheim to the Nintendo Switch thinks about this project. Could the Eiffel Tower be on Nintendo’s hybrid console?