Dozens of cases of coronavirus linked to voting in primary elections in the United States

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Airbnb will make certain owners wait 24 hours between guests

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I bought a hotel on the Scottish island of Islay by mistake

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The X Games cancel the July event while the UFC plans 3 fights for May

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Fact check: Trump lies that he was ‘sarcastic’ when he talked about injecting a disinfectant

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Wuhan was locked out for 76 days. Now life comes back – slowly

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Missouri sues China over effects of coronavirus, says country has “done little to stop the spread of the disease”

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Olympics: virus expert remains ‘pessimistic’ about Tokyo accommodation in 2021

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Hundreds of Rohingya refugees rescued after two months at sea

The group, made up mostly of women and children, traveled to the Bay of Bengal aboard a large trawler in mid-February, Bangladesh Coast Guard spokesman Hamidul Islam told CNN.... Read more »