Guests at this reopening restaurant in Virginia can meet dressed-up models

Guests at this reopening restaurant in Virginia can meet dressed-up models
(CNN) – When a three-star Michelin restaurant in Virginia opens its doors Covid-19 pandemic, reservations will be made for models.
The Inn in Little Washington – an inn and restaurant about one and a half hours west of Washington, DC – plans to start reopening interior seats on May 29, Charlie Dougiello restaurant spokesperson told CNN. Like many restaurants across the United States, its staff are finding out how to provide a complete dining experience while respecting measures to keep customers safe.

So to fill the restaurant which will be maintained at 50% of its social distancing capacities, they have – of course – thought of models.

“I’ve always had something for models – they never complain about anything and you can have fun dressing them up”, chef and owner of The Inn at Little Washington Patrick O’Connell said in a statement.

The models will be seated among the restaurant’s customers, according to the chef at The Inn at Little Washington.

The Inn in Little Washington

The models will be presented as couples dressed in 1940s style to capture a post-World War II celebration. They will be seated at tables among the guests to maintain social distance as well as to laugh and give a good image, said Dougiello.

To ensure that the models were dressed in their best and themed, the restaurant partnered with a local theater.

“When The Inn at Little Washington came up with the idea of ​​disguising models, we thought it was a fun and creative way for them to comply with social distancing guidelines,” said the executive director of Signature Theater, Maggie Boland, in a press release. “We jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with another of Virginia’s major cultural destinations to support their reopening.”

The inn is known for being “reverently irreverent,” the cheese specialist pushing a cow cart and the dining room dress code specifying “no wet bikinis,” said Dougiello.

But, while adding an element of fun, the models really hope to bring some of what was missing, as many Americans are looking to connect in a pandemic of isolation.

“We all want to get together and see other people right now,” said O’Connell. “They don’t necessarily all have to be real people.”


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