Sirio Maccioni, famous restaurateur and founder of Cirque, died at 88

Sirio Maccioni, famous restaurateur and founder of Cirque, died at 88

(CNN) – The famous restaurateur and founder of the Circus, Sirio Maccioni, died at the age of 88, according to his son.

The Circus was a hot spot for likes of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra, according to Marco Maccioni.

Maccioni died Monday morning in his hometown of Montecatini, Italy, in his sleep, added his son. He had suffered from dementia for several years, according to his son.

After working as a “butler” at the Colony Club in New York, Maccioni opened The Circus in 1974, who was moved several times, until he found a house on the east side of Manhattan in the Bloomberg Building in 2006.

The Cirque’s lease expired at the end of 2018 and Maccioni’s sons are looking to reopen Le Cirque on the East Side of Manhattan in honor of their father when the coronavirus pandemic allows it.

“He was so proud of his work and he loved New York,” Marco told CNN. “But whatever happened, his greatest achievement was not the restaurants, it was being a father and I am so lucky to have been his son.”

Maccioni is survived by his three sons, Mario, Marco and Mauro as well as his wife, Egidiana and his five grandchildren.

Maccioni has touched many now famous chefs

While Le Cirque and Sirio Maccioni were known to host many famous faces, they also helped launch the careers of many chefs, such as Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, Jacques Torres and Geoffrey Zakarian.

In one Instagram post, Boulud – who was conductor at the Cirque from 1986 to 1992 – called Maccioni a “real legend”.

“I owe him all the respect and admiration for everything he has done for me and my career as a chef. No one in the company was more elegant, savvy and confident in the management of the dining room. #lecirque, “said Boulud, captioned a photo. of Maccioni.

Geoffrey Zakarian, who was an online cook at Cirque, posted a photo with Maccioni on his Instagram to remember the late restaurateur.

“Sirio Maccioni, at the far left of the suit, has run the most sophisticated and remarkable restaurant for over 30 years,” says the legend. “Those who passed through its doors learned the food, the hospitality and the family directly from him, the one and only.”


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