Lost Sphear: Details on story, battle system and characters

Following the recent announcement of Tokyo RPG Factory’s upcoming JRPG Lost Sphear, Square Enix has launched the official Japanese website of the game. It includes a whole bunch of new informations on the story, the revamped battle system and the main characters. Here are all the details.


It is said that the moon created the world… I heard such a fairy tale a long time ago… It was around the time when my mother was still around… It is said that the world often disappeared, and that it was often reborn… Even now, I still remember. The “moon” depicted in my picture book… Big… unfeeling… beautiful… dreadful… But, that is a fairy tale. The moon does not say anything, it does not do anything… That was truly a long time ago…

The world of Lost Sphear is created by Memories. By living, people become Memories of the planet, which is how this world takes form. Even the oldest Memories from the past can last within this world. But sometimes, Memories are lost and their existence is erased. People call this phenomenon “Lost”.

Things that are Lost originally could not be restored by the power of humans. This way of things was supposed to stay the same throughout generations. However, a young man who could bend the power of Memories appeared in the world. His name is Kanata. Whether he will bring hope or despair remains to be seen. But there is no mistake that Kanata’s journey will have an impact on the world.

One day, the Lost hit Kanata’s hometown, the lunar bell town of Eru. It instantly turned something that currently exists into a white fog, and it disappeared. The Lost is spreading all over the world…


As previously said, the world map of Lost Sphear is created by Memories. The more you recover from the Lost, the bigger it’ll get. From peaceful cities bathed with rivers and sun to gigantic dark towns filled with fog, there’s a rich variety of settings, mixed with various cultures.

Battle System

The battle system of Lost Sphear is an extension of I Am Setsuna. Therefore, it’s based on Chrono Trigger‘s Active Time Battle (ATD) 2.0 system. Battles are triggered seamlessly from the map when you approach monsters. You then choose each command for your characters while overlooking the battlefield to find the best strategy.

However, you can now move around any character during battle. This way you’ll use at best the characteristics, weapons and magic of your party. For example, you can move to a position where several monsters are in your line of shot and attack them all with one crossbow attack.

  • Kanata (Age 16, Sword fighter): A boy who grew up in the lunar bell town of Eru. Despite his calm personality, he has a burning spirit within him and his honest, childlike nature still remains. His ability with a sword can compete even against Imperial soldiers, so he guards the town from monsters that sometimes appear in town. The Empire asks for his cooperation in investigating the Lost phenomenon all throughout the world. He accepts under the condition that they help him find his mother, who disappeared when he was little.
  • Lumina (Age 18, Melee fighter): Kanata’s childhood friend. She is average in both physical and magical abilities but  accompanies Kanata using her self-taught melee techniques. Even though she can become mad at Kanata and Locke, she is really a polite and gentle girl. When she first came to town, she neither laughed or cried, but she gradually regained her emotions by meeting Kanata. For that reason, she shows deep affection for him. But whether it is friendship or love, she does not know.
  • Locke (Age 13, Crossbow fighter): Kanata’s childhood friend. He has a cheerful and lively personality, is good with his hands and can make a crossbow as if he is making a toy. He accompanies Kanata and Lumina on their monster exterminations. While he does not openly says so because he never met him, his father holds a high place in the Empire, and his identity is secret. Based on his desire to meet his father, he cooperates with the Empire and chooses to go alongside Kanata when he leaves the town.
  • Van (Age 20, Bit fighter):  A young man who suddenly appeared in the lunar bell town of Eru. He seems to know something about the Lost disaster that occurred in town, but won’t say much. He’s cold but kind-hearted. He uses mysterious magically-controlled weapons called “Bits”, that can both attack and defend. It’s not a weapon anyone can use, as it’s quite difficult to master. Controlled through outstanding concentration, it shows overwhelming capabilities in combat. When he saw Kanata’s awakening, he took on a cooperative stance and joined Kanata and the others.



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