Fire Emblem Heroes: Camus Grand Hero Battle is available

Fire Emblem Heroes has just been updated and a new Grand Hero Battle is ready for all players. This time, the Sable Knight Camus appears on a special battlefield map. Here’s your chance to defeat him and add this hero to your team. You have until 9 June at 6:59am UTC.

The cavalier Camus can be faced in two difficulties (Hard, Lunatic). He’s equipped with a Gradivus, Grani’s Shield, Goad Cavalry and has the Growing Thunder special skill. Even though, there’s no unique quest linked to Camus’ Map, the event does come with a Summoning Focus.

Here are all the details of the Camus Grand Hero Battle:

  • Camus Grand Hero Battle – Hard Difficulty (3★).
  • Camus Grand Hero Battle – Lunatic Difficulty (4★).
  • Summoning Focus – Battling Camus (5★): Young Tiki, Fae, Olwen, and Jaffar



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