Fire Emblem Echoes – Rise of the Deliverance DLC Trailer

Now that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has been out on 3DS for almost two weeks, Nintendo is finally releasing its fourth piece of DLC, called “Rise of the Deliverance” ($12.99 / £11.69 / €12.99). This new pack contains four battle maps that act as a prologue in the game’s story, covering the beginning of the Deliverance. One last DLC is still in the works but Nintendo hasn’t shared any details on it.

Here’s the details on the DLC Pack #4 – “Rise of the Deliverance”:

  • Battle of Zofia Harbor: Clive and Fernand make for Zofia Harbour to rescue allied troops in a most precarious situation.
  • Outpost Rescue: Lucas, Forsyth and Python must rely on their wits to avoid a disaster at the Southern Outpost.
  • Flight from the Ruins: Clair and Mathilda venture into dangerous ancient ruins in search of a ring that nullifies all magic.
  • Siege of Zofia Castle: Desaix’s ambition clashes with the ideals of Zofia and the Deliverance. It’s all-out war for the Deliverance!

You can find here trailers and details on the already available DLC Fledgling Warrior and Undaunted Heroes. A Season Pass can be bought if you intend to purchase all the different DLC, saving more than 30% of separate price ($44.99 / £39.99 / €44.99).

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