More details on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Following last week’s leak of infos and screenshots on the not-so-much-of-a-rumour-anymore collaboration game between Nintendo and Ubisoft called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the very same website that shared first infos – WWG – is back with more gossip.

This time, we learn more about the game’s origins, further details on the game mechanics, and possibly a new wave of amiibo figures at release. Here are highlights of what’s been said, you can read the full article here. And of course, we need to consider it as a rumour until a possible announcement at E3.

  • Development of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle began 3 years ago
  • Ubisoft came with the concept and submitted it to Nintendo
  • During development, a first version was made for Wii U
  • Ubisoft Milan is handling most of the “heavy lifting”, Nintendo overseeing
  • The game is filled with twisted humour and easter eggs
  • All characters have an upgradable skill tree, with special and passive abilities (ex. Mario auto-attacks nearby enemies, Peach inflate enemies with a foot pump)
  • A Donkey Kong Rabbid should be the first boss encountered. Pile of bananas and all
  • To defeat him, you must cut off his bananas supply. When downed, Princess Peach Rabbid takes a selfie with him
  • An Online Mode was in the first builds, not the latest
  • An Arena Co-Op Mode is in the last build
  • A Kingdom Battle amiibo line seems to be planned, Ubisoft handling prototypes

Last but not least, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was apparently first planned to be announced during the Switch Presentation in January. It was pushed back to receive further polish, and most probably will be shown at E3.



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