Monster Hunter XX for Switch: trailer, release date, bundle and infos

As a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement of Monster Hunter XX for Switch, CAPCOM has shared more infos on its release date, prices, new features, save data transfer from the 3DS version and cross-play.

Fully titled Monster Hunter XX for Switch Ver., this new edition is awaited on August 25th in Japan. The western release date is not know for now. It’ll be available in both physical (5,800 Yen – $52 / £41) and digital version (5,546 Yen – $50 / £39). In addition, a “Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. Special Pack” Switch hardware bundle (pfeeeeew) will be sold in Japan for 36,280 Yen ($326 / £255).

Monster Hunter XX for Switch will run at 1080p in docked mode and, while it hasn’t been confirmed, most probably 720p in handheld mode. An improved UI is in the works to match the one-screen-only system. And since Monster Hunter is all about team-play, four-player local and online multiplayer is enabled, just as internet-only cross-play with the 3DS version of the game.

What about the save data transfer for already well-established players on 3DS? MH:XX save data can be transferred both ways between 3DS and Switch platforms, MH:Gen save data is one-way only towards MH:XX Switch.


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