Nintendo holds on to Eternal Darkness’ trademark

As the years pass, fans still hope that one day we might see again a remake or sequel to one of the greatest and most disturbing games ever born on the Nintendo GameCube: Silicon Knight’s psychological horror action-adventure Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (2002). In other words, this is the Duke Nukem Forever of Nintendo (let’s just hope it doesn’t end the same way as the actual sh** that is Duke Nukem Forever, ahem…).

But why do I bring that up now? Well, if you remember right, Nintendo “renewed” the trademark on Eternal Darkness back in February, along with ARMS, Excite Truck & Snipperclips. Of course we all rejoiced and called our psychiatrists to prescribe the usual, and today there’s news. Nintendo of America has issued a Notice of Allowance for Eternal Darkness on May 9th. Nintendo can now begin to submit a “Statement of Use” (i.e. request to use the mark in commerce), which mean a video game is coming, or a “Request for Extension of Time” (i.e. request push back the use before having to file a new trademark, up to 3 years), which mean they’ll keep playing with the sanity of our mind.

All in all, the good thing is that Nintendo still wants to keep the brand “Eternal Darkness” close. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see an Eternal Darkness game at E3 2017. But is it a good time to bring up the fact that Retro Studio is working on a secret project?


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