Nintendo Switch eShop: You can now save your credit card info

Nintendo keeps improving the Switch eShop based on customers’ feedback, and today they’re finally adding a functionality we’ve all been waiting for. Up until now, every time you wanted to purchase a game on the eShop, you had to reenter your credit card information. Some might see it as a good security measure – the Switch is a handheld, you could lose it, thus risking your whole bank account to be emptied – but it’s a pain in the ass to have to do this every freaking time.

Well, starting today, when buying a digital download on the Nintendo Switch eShop, you’ll get the option to store your credit card information for next time. And as a security layer if you enable this, you can add a password to confirm following purchases. Finally!

Oh and don’t worry, the credit card is tied to a specific account, not the system. You can still buy Nintendo Switch eShop games from another region (here’s how to do it).


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