Nintendo trademark hints at video game starring Bowser

Among all the main characters living in Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser has always been the only one who never got his own game. Of course, the King of the Koopas is playable in many games (ex. the Smash and Mario Kart series), he even played a central character in “Bowser’s Inside Story” but there was never a game for him only. Even Peach (Super Princess Peach) and Toad (Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker) got theirs. But today, we have a bit of a news that could finally give poor Bowser the main part in a video game.

According to website JapaneseNintendo, Nintendo Co., Ltd. registered on February 24th a trademark under the name “Koopa” (Bowser’s Japanese name), covering a clothing line and more interestingly a ‘Program for home video game console’. This trademark was applied along with “Super Mario Bros.”, “Luigi”, “Donkey Kong” and “Yoshi” names, but it’s the only one of the five relating to the program for home video game console.


Ok, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll result in a Bowser game. But for a rumour, it’s a tempting one. We’re sure that just like us, a lot of you would love to play a game starring him.



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