Fire Emblem Heroes: next Grand Hero Battle, Voting Gauntlet, new maps, permadeath

During the night, a Japanese live stream was hosted on the Fire Emblem Heroes official channel. This 10-minutes short presentation was filled with announcements, all given by the cute game’s mascot Feh. So, here’s a full summary on the upcoming content to be implemented in the coming days/weeks: Hero Fest event, Grand Hero Battle & Voting Gauntlet, Japanese Omikuji event, maps, new scoring system and the awaited permadeth feature. And if you understand Japanese or just want to have a closer look at what’s been announced during this stream, we’ve shared the video below.

Grand Hero Battle

Just as expected, the next Grand Hero Battle will revolve around Xander. Starting May 2nd, the Nohrian Prince enters the battlefield with his unique weapon Siegfried (16 Mt, counterattack at any range), his Blazing Light, Armored Blow and Spur Defense.

Voting Gauntlet

The next Voting Gauntlet will begin this May, and it will be all about female mages (Linde, Julia, Sanaki, Tharja) VS. male spell-crafters (Leo, Robin, Henry, Merric). For this new Gauntlet, the mechanics have been slightly tweaked: if your team has less points than the other for over an hour, you’ll get triple score for your next victory. A nice way to make battle more thrilling.

Fire Emblem Heroes - May Voting Gauntlet

Hero Festival and Omikuji

As a celebration for the Japanese Golden Week, Fire Emblem Heroes will host a special Hero Festival. Until May 8th, players will receive recurrent gifts with daily login, there’s also a new Summoning focus, and a fortune telling event. Read all details here.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Hero Fest

New map terrains & Arena Ranking

Several new maps will be added to the game in the coming weeks. And good news, unlike the previous Paralogue or GHB maps added since launch, these ones will be available in the Arena. These new maps will also feature a Fire Emblem signature: terrain effects. For example, fortress squares will increase defense and have effect on several magic attacks during battle.

There will also be a new scoring system, called Arena Ranking. This system is rather simple: the more victories you have, the higher you rank, and the more Orbs you’ll receive with each battle. However, each loss will make you fall down the rank.


New gameplay mode with permadeath(ish) feature

Finally, we’ve had a first look at an upcoming game mode which will feature one of the core systems of the Fire Emblem franchise: permadeath. In this new mode, you’ll enter series of consecutive battles with teams created from your roster of characters. However, it’s not a true permadeath. You won’t definitely lose your team and characters if they die, you “just” won’t be able to revive them as long as the series of battles is running. A “hardcore” mode that will suit only the tougher players, who will be rewarded with high-level rewards. For example, we’ve had a glimpse at a 5-star Masked Lucina.

Fire Emblem Heroes Permadeth Mode

Stream video


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