ARMS: Min Min Alternate Costume, Dragon Weapon Video & Lab Arena Screenshot

The Japanese ARMS Twitter account continues its daily triple-content reveal with some new highlights on an alternate costume for a fighter, a weapon video and an arena screenshot. So far, we’ve had a look at two triple content: Ribbon Girl / Sparky / Lab and Mechanica / Revolver / Lab. Today, Nintendo focuses on Min Min and her favourite weapon.

First, we are introduced to the alternate costume of Min Min, the noodle-springed ramen girl. In contrast with her usual green/red outfit, this version has a more classy red/white Chinese vibe. Today’s short video footage is all about the Dragon weapon, a lengthy puncher that, once charged, can throw a devastating laser shot. The account recommends this weapon to be used only by advanced players since it takes time to charge. And ONCE AGAIN, we have another look at the Science Lab Arena. Not sure if the community manager of that Twitter account is lacking arena screenshots or if he/she just wants to tell us that there’s something important in this place.

ARMS releases on June 16th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Lab Arena ARMS 3

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