ARMS: Mechanica alternate costume, Revolver Weapon Video & Lab Arena Screenshot

Following Nintendo’s previous look at Ribbon Girl alternate costume, Sparky weapon video and Lab Arena screenshot, the Japanese ARMS Twitter account shared another trio of content showcasing Mechanica, along with another weapon and image of the Lab Arena.

So first, let’s have a look at the new alternate costume and weapon. This time, we discover a secondary version of Mechanica’s outfit, an heavy-weighted mecca painted with military camouflage. She is also equipped with standard yellow Sparkies, charged and ready to unleash a megaton volt charge on her enemy.

The ARMS Japanese Twitter account also shared a short video of the Revolver, a weapon balanced between its three-shots capacity and a weak punch that can be easily countered by the opponent. If you choose this set of weapon, we recommend you to charge them up to gain an electric stun-punch. And here’s a new screenshot of the Lab Arena, seen from another angle.


ARMS releases on June 16th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

ARMS Scientific Lab Arena

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