Splatoon manga to be released outside Japan

If video games franchises usually get an expanded treatment to print via series of books, a few of them make it to the manga format (ex. Legend of Zelda, Devil May Cry). And among those, the Japanese magazine CoroCoro launched in 2015 a Special Issue featuring the Splatoon video game, directed by Sankichi Hinodeya. The Splatoon Manga stars Goggles-Kun and his three friends (Headphones-Chan, Glasses-Kun, and Knit Cap Bobble-Chan) living the dream in Turf Wars.

For the upcoming release of Splatoon 2, it’s not a big surprise to see this successful manga go forth with another season, which will make its debut with the magazine’s June issue. And good news, it’ll be available outside Japan by the end of the year! Publisher VIZ Media confirmed that they’ll be in charge of the localisation, at least in North America. The Japanese-American company didn’t share further details on a possible localisation in Europe.

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