Splatoon 2: original amiibo will unlock special content

New report from the Squid Research Lab! Refill your Splat Rollers and your Burst Bombs, Splatoon 2 is now less than 3 months away on Nintendo Switch. And while this awaited day will introduce three new amiibo figures to support our Inklings troops with fresh outfits and custom gear sets, our Squid commanders are still holding details on the original amiibo support… until now.

Splatoon’s Japanese Twitter account revealed that the eight already available amiibo figures (Callie, Marie, Inkling Boys & Girls, Inkling Squids) will unlock special gear when synched with Splatoon 2. No further details were given, so we’ll have to wait a little more to see if that includes weapons sets or if it’s only clothes. As always, staaay fresh!


Splatoon 2 launches July 21st exclusively for the Switch.

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