Dragon Quest XI: Weekly Jump reveals new Skill Panel system

While we’re still waiting for an update on the rather worrying change of plans for Famitsu regarding Dragon Quest XI on Nintendo Switch, the Japanese Weekly Jump shared details on a new Skill Panel system to be introduced with the PS4 and 3DS versions of the JRPG this summer (translation courtesy of Gematsu).

In Dragon Quest XI, the Skill Panel (represented as a “map” of tiles, cf photo) will be a unique way for our characters to grow in strength while leveling up. By using Skill Points, our heroes will unlock tiles, allowing them to learn new unique sets of attacks and specials to use in combat. Each character will have its own shape of Skill Panel, and the way you spend points to unlock new tiles will predict the next ones available.

Here are some examples of the attacks and abilities you’ll unlock for each character using the Skill Panel:

  • Protagonist: “Giga Slash” – Mow down the enemy using a lightning blade in a skill exclusive to a hero.
  • Camus: “Steal” – Get items from monsters.
  • Veronica: “Magical Awakening” – Increases the power of spells.
  • Senya: “Melody of Fire” – Puts on a flame of protection.
  • Silvia: “Flute of Fascination” – Charms monsters with the sound of a flute.
  • Martina: “Vacuum Kick” – Hits the enemy with a powerful kick.
  • Row: “Aesthetic Enlightenment” – Attains enlightenment and increases spell effects.
Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time will launch for 3DS on July 29 (Japan only). A Switch version is also planned but has yet to be dated.

DQXI Weekly Jump Skill Panel


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