Dragon Quest XI no longer slated for 2017 on Switch according to Famitsu

The Japanese magazine updated release window to "TDB"

A few days ago, Square Enix hosted a special live stream in which they revealed the Japanese release date of Dragon Quest XI on Nintendo 3DS and PS4 (July 29th). And while it’s been confirmed that the next instalment in the DQ franchise is heading to the Nintendo Switch later, we don’t have a clue on whether it’ll be this year or the next (or even after…). But an update on the Famitsu website could be the premise of a long, long wait.

So far, the Famitsu official hub listed the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI with a release date slated for 2017. Up until this morning, when this page was updated. Now, the date shows the dreaded “TBD”. So far, we don’t know if Famitsu have received an update from the Square Enix teams or if they’re just covering themselves just in case. But it doesn’t look good…


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