Nintendo Switch Update 2.2.0 makes hackers take a step back

Don't expect to see homebrews soon

Following the recent news of hackers finding a major breach in the Switch system only nine days after launch, Nintendo woke up and started its hostile strategy against malicious developers. After releasing a first update (v 2.1.0) to close that particular “webkit” breach, they’ve updated their Hacker One program, offering up to $20,000 to white hat hackers if they find vulnerabilities in the Switch applications and core software. Today, it’s time for the Nintendo Switch System Update 2.2.0.

As usual, Nintendo excels in the vagueness of the new features and corrections provided with this Update 2.2.0: “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience“. No new option nor any interface upgrade has been noted, not even the “Sucessfully downloaded” typo. And from the underground community side, several ill-intentioned developers already report having lost control over the exploits they had pre-update (but without further details, to not give clues to the Nintendo teams). So yeah, it definitely corrects security breaches. Point for Nintendo.

So, how to you apply the Nintendo Switch Update 2.2.0? Well actually you have nothing to do. Just make sure that your system is connected to internet, that’s all. The Switch should start downloading it in the background and let you know when its ready to install. Enjoy!



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