Binding of Isaac creator asks fans if they want an Isaac amiibo

Wonder what this one would do...

Counting the recent addition of the three Splatoon 2, the six Super Smash Bros (Bayonetta, Cloud, Corrin) and the three Link, the full amiibo family currently gathers more than 60 figurines. And among those, only one is based on an indie game, Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight. However, there might be a chance to see another beloved independent franchise join the gang as an amiibo: the Binding of Isaac.

Edmund McMillen, co-creator of The Binding of Isaac series, is currently running a poll on Twitter asking fan if they’d be interested in an Isaac amiibo. Ok, don’t throw the “Shut up and take my money” gifs yet. McMillen only wants a feedback from fans, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there WILL be an amiibo if the “Fuck yes!” option crushes the numbers. But hey, he wouldn’t ask it that wasn’t a possibility.


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