New Sonic Forces videos and screenshots

Two generations of Sonic team-up to outrun a tragic future

Revealed at SXSW Gaming last month, SEGA’s upcoming game Sonic Forces fits in the franchise as an ambitious continuation of Sonic’s 25th Anniversary. Now that we’ve already got a first look at some gameplay footage based on the new Hedgehog Engine 2 and we’ve had infos on the story and the mysterious new character, the Sonic Team keeps the heat by releasing some content here and there before a full reveal likely during next E3.

Today, the Sonic Team shared three new in-game screenshots of Sonic Forces, in addition to two new videos published by the Japanese SonicMovieChannel. The screenshots come from a small article in the latest Weekly Famitsu issue. They all seem to feature the same post-apocalyptic level showcased in the gameplay reveal trailer, and it’s confirmed that they are from an alpha version of the game. As for the videos, the first one is the trailer you might have already seen to introduce the two Sonic generations fighting alongside against the armies of the terrible Dr Eggman. The second video is a rather light one, only a still image featuring the main theme of the game.


Sonic Forces will hit the shelves this holiday season.


Header photo by NathanLaurindo

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