Famitsu shares new infos on Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania

Takashi Iizuka takes a few minutes to make our eyes spark

The latest issue of Famitsu includes an interview with Takashi Iizuka (Head of the Sonic Team) and there’s news in it on Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania. Here’s a translation of the most important points of the interview regarding those upcoming games, courtesy of TSSZ News and SourceGaming + Woun for the translation. Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania will both release in 2017 on Nintendo Switch, as a “continuation” of Sonic’s 25th Anniversary.

Sonic Forces


  • Sonic Forces has been in development since 2013, it started around Sonic Lost World’s release.
  • The game will be showcased at this year’s E3, and third hero will be revealed during the event.
  • The third hero is an “unexpected character” that “plays an important role in the story, and embodies the overall features of the game”. The Sonic from Sonic Boom is not in the game.
  • Story: “Dr. Eggman took over 99% of the world. Sonic and the “Resistance” members are fighting. Then another Sonic appears…”. Eggman takes over the world because of “a new power” he obtains, resulting in his army controlling the world. However, this power unleashes Classic Sonic as well.
  • Morio Kishimoto is the Director of Sonic Forces. He worked on Sonic and the Secret Rings, Black Knight, Lost World and Colors.
  • Forces was chosen as a subtitle from it meaning ‘power’ and ‘army’. Two strong forces (Sonic and friends Vs. Eggman) are facing off in the game.
  • The game won’t be all dark and gloomy. Expect some lighter and more colourful stages.
Sonic Mania
  • Development began in 2015. Sonic Team wanted to do a new 2D Sonic game and not a remake.
  • Sonic 3’s bonus stages could come back.
  • Boost system from Sonic Unleashed is confirmed.
  • Time attack levels are confirmed.
  • Classic Sonic stages are based on side scrolling 2D action, but they’ll also have a twist.
  • The art team wanted Sonic Mania to be above the level of Genesis, but under the level of Saturn.
  • Gameplay is similar to Sonic 3. Elemental shields were mentioned.

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