Level-5 will unveil Yo-Kai Watch game inspired by Pokemon GO at E3 2017

They've also unveiled a mobile action-strategy game: Yo-Kai Watch Wars

Last week-end, a private press event was held in Spain where video game companies like Nintendo, Viz Media, Hasbro and Level-5 presented several interesting projects to be announced. Reddit user ailes-grises attended the event, and decided to share with us some bits of information revealed by Level-5.

In the photo that he took from the conference (see below), we can see that the Japanese video game studio who gave birth to Ni No Kuni and Fantasy Life is working on a big new mobile project for the end of the year. This upcoming game is a “geolocalisation and community interactions” game set in the universe of Yo-Kai Watch. It’s currently in development for iOS and Android, and set to release in October 2017. Yep, sounds a lot like a Pokemon GO inspired game to us!

Knowing President and CEO of Level-5 Akihiro Hino, this “Yo-Kai Watch GO” (let’s call it like that for now) will definitely have something unique to make it a 100% Yo-Kai Watch experience and not a pale copy of Pokemon GO. Level-5 is known to come up with exceptional games that all have their own signature. So for now let’s wait, because according to Reddit user ailes-grises, they’ll most likely unveil it at E3 2017 (13 – 16 June).


Studio Level-5 also talked about a new mobile action-strategy game called “Yo-Kai Watch Wars” (or Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars, title to be confirmed) without giving much more details than the supposed release date: Summer 2017.

Yo-Kai Watch GO



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