I Am Setsuna free DLC Temporal Battle Arena coming on April 13th

This DLC extends the experience with a Switch-exclusive PvP mode

You might have reached the farthest lands in I Am Setsuna and appeased the most hostile demons, your journey is not over. Starting this April 13th, Square Enix will release a Switch-exclusive free DLC that adds the Temporal Battle Arena mode.

As we said a few days ago when Square Enix first announced this new content, the new “Temporal Battle Arena” battle mode is a PvP coliseum. In it, you’ll confront your three best characters versus a real opponent’s champions team. Each player will bet items to enter the battle, and the winner takes it all.

Think you have raised the strongest guardians? Upon completion of I Am Setsuna’s story, enter the Temporal Battle Arena from the Last Lands, where you can test the might of your guardians against others that have also completed Setsuna’s pilgrimage in this upcoming party vs party update. Teams that emerge victorious will be rewarded with items belonging to the other team!




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