Has-Been Heroes: update 1.0.2 is available on Switch

Several gameplay and UI improvements

Like we relayed a few days ago, Frozenbyte is hard at work updating it’s newly released action-strategy game Has-Been Heroes. A day 1 patch brought lots of changes in game balance, stability, gameplay as well as user interface, and they’ve just released another update (1.0.2). It’s available for your Nintendo Switch version, the download and install should be automatic.

Here’s the full patch note:

  • Gameplay: Hitting over enemy Stamina now has a damage penalty of -10% instead of -25%
  • Gameplay: Skeleton Leader, who speeds up nearby enemies, now always walks into the battle, never spawns in the middle
  • Gameplay: Bandana “Boxer” Skeleton Boss health now 1450 (was 1825)
  • Gameplay: Heroes’ lane backstab damage increase
  • Gameplay: Battle clear bonus now 20 (was 25)
  • Gameplay: Changes and fixes to Summon Boar spell
  • User interface: Press left thumbstick to cycle main menu tips
  • User interface: Helpful popup screen at the start of the game to explain Stamina
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • Prologue dialogue fixes
  • Wrestler recharge exploit fix



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