New Mythical Pokémon discovered in Sun & Moon: Marshadow

Marshadow casts its ghostly shadow on Pokémon Sun & Moon

A new Mythical Pokémon has been discovered in Pokémon Sun & Moon! His name is Marshadow, and this one is peculiar. In fact, it’s not available yet in the game, and we can’t encounter it via normal gameplay. We’ve already got an official glimpse of it in the latest Pokémon the Movie 20 trailers (i.e. there was a small leak back in the end of last year), and The Pokémon Company has also released a few more details.

Introduced in the 8th Generation, Marshadow (#802) is a dual-type Fighting/Ghost type, usually coloured grey but we’ve seen its head turn green when attacking or using its Z-Move. So far, we don’t know if it evolves into or from any other Pokémon. According to its description, very few people have seen it, so its existence is considered as a legend.

But the question you might all have is How do we get it in Pokémon Sun & Moon? As we said, it won’t be possible to encounter it in the game via the regular methods. The Pokémon Company has released a trailer in which they ask us to wait a little more to know the details.

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