Indie developer compares Switch power to PS4 and Xbox One

And apparently it's all pretty darn close

Since the GameCube came out, Nintendo has been an outsider in the race for hardware power. Their strategy focused on changing the way of playing games, which has made them come up with innovations for their systems that always gave them an edge and created trends in the whole industry (ex. motion controls, 3D, asynchronous gameplay). But this time with the Switch, Nintendo shows its competitors that they can come up with both innovation and power. At least that’s what indie developer Image & Form (SteamWorld Dig 2) is thinking.

Speaking to MCV about the versatility of the Switch in terms of development, Image & Form’s Community Manager Julius Guldbog took a moment to digress on a power comparison between the three main gaming consoles out there. According to him, the Switch is “pretty darn close” to the PS4 and Xbox One. Read the details below.

Of course we already know the power of each system and can compare them. In addition, with the PS4 Pro and the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, the gap is going to get bigger between Sony/Microsoft and Nintendo. But it’s always nice to have the point of view of an indie development studio.

“Switch isn’t as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, but it’s pretty darn close. Just look at Snake Pass or Fast RMX. Snake Pass is extra interesting, because look at how good the graphics are compared to the PS4 version. I think if developers put their mind to it and optimise the game for the Switch, it can run anything.” – Julius Guldbog, Community Manager, Image & Form


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