Splatoon 2: new look at the Humpback Pump Track stage

First screenshots and infos on the new BMX inspired arena

After announcing the new Humpback Pump Track arena for Splatoon 2 during the ESL Go4Splatoon Europe competition that occurred this week-end, Nintendo is bringing some more news on the upcoming stage. The Squid Research Lab official Tumblr got updated with a proper description description and screenshots of the upcoming stage.

Splatoon 2 is set to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch later this year.

“Introducing Humpback Pump Track. This new stage is an indoor BMX track, but Inklings use it as a stage for Turf War. It features many curvy ups and downs, and the bike track surrounds a small hill in the middle. You’d think the openness makes for great visibility, but the hump abundance creates a surprising amount of blind spots. Inklings can employ multiple strategies, including frontal breakthroughs or attacking from the side.

Oh… and we just realized that jellyfish can ride bikes? What!?”

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