Zelda Breath of the Wild – All Shrines Locations

With that ultimate guide, find all the 120 shrines

The Hyrule of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is massive. It is filled with tons of quests, armours and outfitsfood recipes to discover and random funny things to do. But if you’re the kind that likes to get the sweet “100%” showing on your Sheikah Slate, you’re gonna have to spend a lot of time wandering in the world to complete the 120 Shrines Nintendo has scattered throughout Hyrule.

Some of them are standing in plain sight and just wait for you to get to a high point and discover them, others are a little more tricky and require a “mini-quest” or a puzzle to be completed before revealing themselves. And to help you in your quest, there’s the Sheikah Sensor. But let’s face it, that functionality isn’t perfect and won’t guide you too all of them. Sometimes you’re even going in the right way and find yourself either on a cliff with the shrine nowhere to be seen. And the sensor won’t indicate the hidden ones.

This is why we decided to help you. Here’s the list and precise locations of ALL the 120 shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Since you won’t see exactly where they are on your once until you unlock the corresponding Sheikah Tower, they’ve been classified accordingly. The Towers are listed alphabetically, so you won’t get confused. Enjoy!


Akkala Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Akkala Shrines

  1. Dah Hesho – Overhangs the small valley of Tarrey Town from the southside. You see it when you come from the Sokkala Bridges.
  2. Katosa Aug – Right behind East Akkala Stable on the eastside, you can’t miss it.
  3. Ke’nai Shakah – In a cave on the northern part of Ulria Grotto. Paraglide from above to reach it.
  4. Ritaag Zumo – [“Into The Vortex” side quest] At the centre of the spiral-shaped Rist Peninsula. To activate the shrine, pick-up a Sheikah Orb in the ruins at the beginning of the spiral, then carry it to the shrine (careful, several enemies on the road).
  5. Tu Ka’loh – In Lomei Labyrinth Island. Accessible only with paraglider. You can either go straight to it, with guardian skywatchers on the way, or climb on the exterior walls.
  6. Tutsuwa Nima – In the Spring of Power, behind the Goddess statue. To open the concealed door, throw one Dinraal’s scale in the water.
  7. Ze Kasho – In the hills, quite easy to spot from the top of Akkala Citadel Ruins. You can even paraglide from there.
  8. Zuna Kai – On top of the tall stone pillar of Skull Lake, the “right eye”. You’ll need to paraglide from a high point and finish the climb with good equipment/stamina gauge or a stamina potion.


Central Hyrule Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Central Hyrule Shrines

  1. Kaam Ya’tak – On the east side of Mount Daphnes. You can see it’s top from Central Tower.
  2. Katah Chuki – It’s in the southeastern section of Quarry Ruins, easy to spot.
  3. Kaya Wan – On the shores of Hylia River right next to Wetland Stables.
  4. Namika Ozz – Right in the middle of Crenel Hills, easy to spot once you’re at the place.
  5. Noya Neha – On the island north of Quarry Ruins, in the southwest corner. There’s a side overgrown with thorns, burn them with fire and use a bomb to explode the not-suspicious-at-all rocks.
  6. Rota Ooh – On the hill behind Outskirt stable. You can spot it if you walk from Manhala Bridge towards the stable.
  7. Saas Ko’sah – In the northern section of Castle Hyrule, so be prepared. If you stand from the mountain northwest side of the castle and look at its moats, there’s a part where the water flows into the castle. Head there. Once inside, there’s a stone brazier to light and voila!
  8. Wahgo Katta – Right next to the Riverside Stable, can’t miss it if you look towards North from the stable.


Dueling Peaks Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Dueling Peaks Shrines

  1. Bosh Kala – You can see it if you stand on Proxim bridge and look towards Southwest.
  2. Ha Dahamar – Next to Dueling Peaks Stable, can’t miss it. To avoid the overgrown with thorns, just paraglide from a high point.
  3. Hila Rao – [“Watch out for the Flowers” side quest] At the centre of the island. Don’t step on the flowers or you’ll make the hylian girl go crazy (which is fun to do).
  4. Lakna Rokee – Hidden shrine with a Sheikah orb. You’ll need to complete several quest to get the orb: “Seek Out Impa” (in the main quest), “Find the Fairy Fountain” (given by Pikango), “Flown the Coop” (given by Cado), “By Firefly’s Light” (given by Lasli in her home around 22h). Once it’s done, go see Impa and complete the quest “The Stolen Heirloom”. Pfew!
  5. Ree Dahee – Standing at the end of a path overlooking the Squabble River, between the Dueling Peaks (not at the top of them!). Walk on the shores of the river and look a little above you, you should see it on the side of the northern Peak.
  6. Shee Vaneer – At the top of the Southern Dueling Peak.
  7. Shee Venath -At the top of the Northern Dueling Peak. The easier way to reach it is go to Shee Vaneer shrine and paraglide (you can see it when you’re standing on the edge of the southern peak).
  8. Ta’loh Naeg – Overlooking Kakariko Village, take the little path that goes from the north part of the village and you’ll see it.
  9. Toto Sah – There’s a breakable stone structure next to the river in Hickaly Woods. Bomb the thing (remote bomb thrown in the river or a bomb arrow) to destroy the sealed gate and reveal the shrine.


Eldin Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Eldin Shrines

  1. Daqa Koh – From Goron City, head to the Goron Hot Springs and you’ll see a railroad. At the end of this railroad, take the path on the left, and the shrine will be right there.
  2. Gorae Torr – [“The Gut Check Challenge” side quest] It’s in the centre of Gut Check Rock. You’ll have to complete the quest given by Bayge to be granted access to it.
  3. Kayra Mah – [“A Brother’s Roast” side quest] Hidden in the Gorko Tunnel. Speak with Bladon in Goron City and then go check on Gonguron in the tunnel. They’ll ask you to go get “rocky meat” to reveal the shrine.
  4. Mo’a Keet – On the hill behind Foothill Stable. Can’t miss it.
  5. Qua Raym – Resting right in the middle of Goronbi Lake, on a small island. Paraglide there, no other solution (that we know of…).
  6. Sah Dahaj – Easy to reach from Eldin Tower, paraglide towards the East. When you reach a Moblin hideout, look between it and Cephla Lake. The shrine is below the hideout on the shores of the lake.
  7. Shae Mo’sah – On the road north from Goron City. The first one you should synch if you arrive here without a proper fire-resisting gear.
  8. Shora Hah – On the Isle of Rabac, in the “head” of the crab shaped rock. Access it with a mine cart but first you’ll need at least two pieces of the Flamebreaker armour set.
  9. Tah Muhl – [“A Landscape of a Stable” side quest] Tricky to find since it’s hidden by rock formations. Head southeast from the Foothill Stable and take a good look at the map here to see its location.


Faron Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Faron Shrines

  1. Kah Yah – [“A Fragmented Monument” side quest] It’s hidden on the beach. Talk to Garini to start the quest. Fragments to find are: close to Garini, near three palm trees; on Palmorae Beach close to washed up barrels on the shore; at the end of Soka Point. Talk to Garini and then crouch on the Sheikah plate.
  2. Korgu Chideh – The Eventide Island is the shrine… good luck, that’s a tricky one.
  3. Muwo Jeem – At the end of Cape Cales, can’t miss it.
  4. Qukah Nata – [“A Song of Storms” side quest] Find Kass the Rito bard and hear his song. Then go at the suspicious mound and throw a metal object on it (sword, bow or shield). Wait for the thunder to strike it and voila.
  5. Shai Utoh – Behind Lakeside stable, blow up the stone structure.
  6. Shoda Sah – Hidden behind the Riola Spring waterfall, there’s a path on the right flank.
  7. Tawa Jinn – [“The Three Giant Brothers side quest] At the centre of the triangle shaped by Hany Pond, Rabella Wetlands and Uteh Marsh. You’ll have to kill three Hinox in each pond, and bring back a Shiekah orb taken from each one of them to three platforms.
  8. Yah Rin – It’s overlooking Lurelin Village, you see it on your left when you first arrive to the village from the path.


Gerudo Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Gerudo Shrines

  1. Dah Kaso – Near the part of the Digdogg Suspension Bridge linking two large stones.
  2. Joloo Nah – [“Test of Will” side quest] It appears once you complete the quest from the Gorons at Gut Check Rock, on Mount Nabooru. Be sure to have some good heat resistance and flame guard.
  3. Keeha Yoog – You see the giant mural painting with lighting bolts east side of Gerudo Summit? Shoot a Shock Arrow at it.
  4. Kema Kosassa – Just sitting on Mount Agaat, north of Risoka Snowfield.
  5. Kuh Takkar – On Laparoh Mesa. Lots of climbing in cold weather so be prepared. And bring something to melt the ice surrounding the shrine.
  6. Sasa Kai – [“Sign of the Shadow” side quest] Find Kass the bard at the top of Gerudo Tower and hear his song. Then go to the location of the shrine (cf map), and stand on the metal plate at 3:00pm in-game. As the sun rises overhead, shoot an arrow at it.
  7. Sho Dantu – At the location, there’s a shrine plate in the middle of a Luminous Stones circle. Just place one of the stones on the plate to reveal the shrine.


Great Plateau Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Great Plateau Shrines

  1. Ja Baij – The first shrine you’ll face, and the Old Man will show you how to get to it.
  2. Keh Namut – Sitting on the western part of Mount Hylia. Quite easy to find once you’re up there.
  3. Oman Au – At the northern edge of the Plateau, easy to spot from the top of the Great Plateau Tower.
  4. Owa Daim – In the ruins of the Eastern Abbey. Be careful, it’s surrounded by Guardians.


Hateno Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Hateno Shrines

  1. Chaas Qeta – Sitting on Tenoko Island. You can paraglide there or use a raft, easy to reach.
  2. Dow Na’eh – Hidden behind a large waterfall in Lanayru Promenade. There’s a path on the right when you face the waterfall.
  3. Jitan Sa’mi – [“The Spring of Wisdom” side quest] Hidden in the Spring of Wisdom, guarded by Naydra. Free the divine dragon from the Malice and throw in the spring the scale you got from the quest.
  4. Kam Urog – [“The Cursed Statue” side quest] Look for Doctor Calip in Fort Hateno and hear his request. Go back near the shrine location after 9pm and shoot in the face the statue with glowing purple eyes. Shrine will appear after that.
  5. Mezza Lo – [“The Crowned Beast” side quest] Look for Kass the bard and hear him. Then find a buck, mount it and stand on the Shrine plate to reveal the shrine.
  6. Myahm Agana – It’s on the hill behind “East Wind”, the general store of Hateno Village.
  7. Tahno O’ah – [“Secret of the Cedars” side quest] Look for a clearing with trees on the eastern side of Madorna Mountain. The Shrine awaits behind a wall you can blow up.


Hebra Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Hebra Shrines

  1. Dunba Taag – In Tanagar Canyon, east of Rito Stable where the canyon curves. The Shrine is under the windmill on the northern side.
  2. Gee Ha’rah – At the bottom of Kopeeki Drifts, there are two giant stone doors that need to be broken down with a huge snowball. Go up the hill to find a little campsite with small snowballs. But don’t hassle throwing them, just roll one to the front of the doors, block it with Stasis and give it all you’ve got to blast the doors.
  3. Goma Asaagh – Behind huge iceblocks on Hebra Peak. You’ll need to light a fire and melt some ice to get in.
  4. Hia Miu – Northwest of Icefall Foothills. Paraglide down from the nearby mountains.
  5. Lanno Kooh – Hidden under a snowy mound. If you don’t have enough protection to swim in the lake, find a tree, cut it down and roll the trunk in the river. Or you can clim the surrounding snow.
  6. Maka Rah – Go to the end of the pier at Lake Kilsie. You’ll see on the other side of the lake an air updraft, go take it. Once in it, turn to the left and take the second nearby updraft, then glide towards the little rock island in the middle of the lake and take a third updraft. At the top of it, you’ll see on your left an opening in the mountain with two torches. Go in it. the shrine is at the end of the cave, after a small pond you’ll have to cross.
  7. Mozo Shenno – Sitting on the eastern part of Biron Snowshelf. You can paraglide to it from the surrounding mountains.
  8. Qaza Tokki – [“Trial on the Cliff” side quest] In the centre of North Lomei Labyrinth. Just paraglide down from the nearby mountains if you want to do this the easy way. Or, enter in the labyrinth from the west and have fun!
  9. Rin Oyaa – Next to the main road of the snowfield on the north side, it’s easy to spot.
  10. Rok Uwog – Lost in the northwest part of Pikida Stonegrove. You can spot it from Hebra Peak on a sunny day and glide there.
  11. Sha Gehma – In the farther north point of the Tabantha snowfield. On the map it’s in the centre of a circle of trees.
  12. Shada Naw – North of Selmie’s Spot, easy to spot from Hebra Peak and paraglide there.
  13. To Quomo – Head to Hebra North Summit and look for a frozen door. The Shrine is hidden behind, in a huge cave.


Lake Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Lake Shrines

  1. Ishto Soh – At the top of the hill West of Oseira Plains.
  2. Ka’o Makagh – On the hill behind Highland Stable. Can’t miss it!
  3. Pumaag Nitae – Sits next to the crossroads North of Highland Stable.
  4. Shae Katha – In the Spring of Courage, North of Dracozu Lake. Throw one of Farosh’s scale in the spring to reveal it.
  5. Shoqa Tatone – [“Guardian Slideshow” side quest] Talk to Loone in her camp on Puffer Beach. Complete the quest, take the Sheikah orb and insert it in the platform.
  6. Ya Naga – On Hylia Island, the biggest one in Lake Hylia.


Lanayru Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Lanayru Shrines

  1. Dagah Keek – [“The Ceremonial Song” side quest] Sitting in front of Veiled Falls. To reveal it, you’ll need to complete the quest given by Laruta (hint: Ceremonial Trident and Lightscale Trident both work to activate the plate).
  2. Daka Tuss – Sitting on Shrine Island, easy to spot.
  3. Kah Mael – Paraglide from Kaepora pass to Tingel Island. Then find a large rock and shift it with Stasis. The Shrine is under it.
  4. Ne’ez Yohma – Under the Throne Room of King Dorephan on Zora’s Domain.
  5. Rucco Maag – This shrine is on the northern part of Samasa Plain, at the centre of the clearing.
  6. Shai Yota – [“Master of the Wind” side quest] Find Kass, south of Horon Lagoon and hear him. To complete his quest, head south and stand on the northeast corner of the U-shaped rock on your map. Then paraglide back to the pedestal.
  7. Sheh Rata – One the island between Crenel Peak and Zelo Pond. Burn the overgrown bushes to enter the shrine.
  8. Soh Kofi – North of Lanayru Tower, you can paraglide from there.


Ridgeland Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW RidgeLand Shrines

  1. Maag No’rah – On the slope North of Lindor’s Brow. Look for a big pile of rocks you can destroy. The shrine is under that.
  2. Mijah Rokee – [“Under a Red Moon” side quest] Find Kass at the top of the flat-topped tree-like structure and hear him. Then wait for the next blood moon, strip off, and stand on the pedestal.
  3. Mogg Latan – At the top of Satori Mountain, on the southern peak.
  4. Shae Loya – On the hill overlooking Tabantha Bridge Stable.
  5. Sheem Dagoze – [“Two Rings” side quest] Find Kass right on top of a stone, North of Jeddo Bridge. Hear him and then shoot an arrow through two stone holes in a single shot.
  6. Toh Yahsa – [“Trial of Thunder” side quest] Head under the pouring rain on the Thundra Plateau to trigger the quest. then, place four balls into their matching colour holes (with Stasis) without getting electrocuted to reveal the Shrine.
  7. Zalta Wa – Sitting inside the Breach of Demise canyon.


Tabantha Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Tabantha Shrines

  1. Akh Va’quot – In the Rito Village, can’t miss it.
  2. Bareeda Naag – [“The Ancient Rito Song” side quest] In the Rito Village, talk to Bedoli. Then, take a torch, some flint, a pile of wood and head South. Light your torch and at 12:35pm precisely, strike to ignite the pedestal when the shadow passes over it.
  3. Kah Okeo –  Hidden under a huge pile of rock West of Rayne Highlands. Use Stasis to get them out of the way.
  4. Sha Warvo – North of Rito Village, on the way to the Flight Range.
  5. Tena Ko’sah – On the cliff southwest of Tabantha Great Bridge, among the ruined Ancient Columns.
  6. Voo Lota – [“Recital at Warbler’s Nest” side quest] West of Rito Village, in Warbler’s Nest. You’ll need to have freed the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and cooked Salmon Meuniere for Kheel to know the song combination to play near the shrine.


Wasteland Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Wasteland Shrines

  1. Dako Tah – [“The Eye of the Sandstorm” side quest] Right in the middle of the Great Cliffs. Easier to find by night.
  2. Daqo Chisay – Next to Gerudo Town. Can’t miss it.
  3. Dila Maag – In the South Lomei Labyrinth, easy to spot on the map but the labyrinth isn’t…
  4. Hawa Koth – Inside the Gerudo Great Skeleton. Take a Sand Seal to get there faster.
  5. Jee Noh – In the Gerudo Canyon Pass, easy to spot.
  6. Kay Noh – Overlooking Gerudo Canyon Stable, climb the rocks facing it from the opposite side of the path.
  7. Kema Zoos – [“The Silent Swordswomen” side quest] West of Karusa Valley, hidden in a sandstorm. Follow the direction the statues are pointing with their swords.
  8. Korsh O’hu – [“The Seven Heroines” side quest] Hidden within the East Gerudo Ruins, east of Palu Wasteland. To reveal the shrine, place the marked balls in front of the statues with corresponding symbols.
  9. Misae Suma – [“The Perfect Drink” side quest] Southeast of Gerudo Town, next to a large rock. To move Pokki out of the way, you’ll have to bring ice to Furosa (hint: wait for the night to transport the ice).
  10. Raqa Zunzo – [“The Undefeated Champ” side quest] At the Sand Seal Rally place south of Gerudo Town, after you’ve pacified Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Win the race and place the Sheikah orb in the platform.
  11. Suma Sahma – [“Secret of the Snowy Peaks” side quest] Read the book in the ruins of the shed between Mount Granajh and Daval Peak. Roll a snowball, wait until 4:20-4:30 pm and casts a shadow on the centre of the platform.
  12. Tho Kayu – In the Toruma Dunes. Kill the Molduga then light the four torches on the rock platforms.


Woodland Tower Shrines

Zelda BOTW Woodland Shrines

  1. Daag Chokah – [“The Lost Pilgrimage” side quest] Talk to Tasho then follow Oaki without being seen.
  2. Keo Ruug –  On the right when you enter Korok Forest. Easy.
  3. Rona Kachta – Hidden deep inside the Forgotten Temple.  Lots of Guardians on the way, but paraglide from the entry and you’ll be fine.
  4. Kuhn Sidajj – [“Trial of Second Sight” side quest] Talk to Zooki, follow the iron with Magnesis and do the things that are asked.
  5. Maag Halan – [“The Test of Wood”side quest] Talk to Damia then fight your way to the shrine.
  6. Mirro Shaz – Behind Woodland Stable, on the shores North of Pico Pond.
  7. Monya Toma – West side of Salari Hill, it’s easy to spot from Hebra Tower.
  8. Ketoh Wawai – [“Shrouded Shrine” side quest] In the Thyphlo Ruins. Light a torch and look for the bird-shaped braziers, follow where their beaks are pointing at.


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