Pokemon Sun & Moon: the 5th Global Mission is launched!

Prepare your best snickers, you're gonna walk in this mission

It’s now been a few days that the fourth Global Mission in Pokemon Sun & Moon closed (i.e. Get BP at the Battle Tree). If you haven’t participated in it and care for a feedback, it was a clear success: more than 15,000,000BP earned by all the players in the world, for a 250,000BP target. And on this nice outcome, it’s time for another challenge.

The fifth Global Mission is launched since this morning and will run until April 10th, 23:59 UTC. What’s the mission? Hatch as many Pokémon Eggs as possible! Here are all the details:

  • Fifth Global Mission – Goal = 200,000 eggs hatched by all players in the world
  • Success reward = 2,000 FC/trainer
  • Failure reward = 400 FC/trainer
  • Success reward + Save tied to Pokémon Global Link (PGL) account = 4,000 FC/trainer
  • Failure reward + Save tied to PGL account = 400 FC/trainer
  • Personal bonus reward: 3 or more eggs hatched by yourself = Rare Candy
  • Global bonus reward: 400,000 or more eggs hatched by all players + Save tied to PGL account = Love Ball

Pokemon Sun Moon Global Mission 5


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