Has-Been Heroes: 21 minutes of gameplay on Switch

The Nindie Spotlight has it's hands on Has-Been Heroes

Frozenbyte‘s upcoming action-strategy indie game Has-Been Heroes might have been delayed to April 4th in Europe and Australia, it is still on its way in a few days. And since now would be the right time for you to check it out if you haven’t done it already, youtuber BoTalksGames has dedicated its latest Nindie Spotlight video to the game.

This first gameplay footage shows some interesting details, starting with the fact that there are 33 heroes to unlock in addition to the three available at the beginning. These 36 heroes in total are distributed in three categories (no more details here but let’s assume it’s some kind of rogue/magic/tank based on the three basics). There’s apparently also multiple endings, depending on the heroes you choose. The action is some kind of slow-motion fast-paced rogue (yeah we know, weird), and relies a lot on button combinations. Take a look at the gameplay below to understand how that works.

Has-Been Heroes will release on Nintendo Switch on March 28th (US) and April 4th (EU/AU).

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