ARMS characters and weapons introduced in video

Nintendo introduces us to the roster and weapons of its new original IP

Revealed during the big Switch livestream back in January, ARMS is without a doubt the next big IP of Nintendo, like Splatoon was for the Wii U. So far, we’ve seen a lot of one-to-one colourful boxing footage, but we didn’t have the change to get a proper introduction with the fighters and the weapons that’ll be featured in the game. Today, Nintendo catches up with two videos.

ARMS puts 5 fighters in the ring: Spring Man (the “Mario & Luigi” regular kinda type), Ribbon Girl (the light-legged blondie), Ninjara (the fast-dashing ninja), Master Mummy (the tank-style mummy) and Mechanica (the heavyweighted shorty mecca). Each one of them has their unique abilities and power/speed/defence attributes, fitting all gameplay styles. We don’t know yet if unlockable fighters will be available or if we’ll have the possibility to upgrade/customise our fighters.

To complete your fighting style, you’ll have to choose between 6 types of weapons: Toaster (fire-charging burners), Megaton (slow but heavy metal balls), Sparky (electricity-charged stunners), Boomerang (arc sneaky attackers), Revolver (three-shots but weak punch), Slapamander (giant whip-hands). What’s interesting it that you’ll have the possibility to mix weapons, one for each arm. You might wonder why then you’d want to have both of the same kind of weapon if you can get a double advantage. Maybe they’ll be stronger working in pairs, you’ll get to find out on the ring.

The weapons showcase video also gives us a glimpse of new stages. So far, we’ve just seen the square boxing-style ring, but apparently the game will also feature special themed arenas for each fighter. We recognised the “Master Mummy” one, a round cemetery (0:08 marker); the “Ninjara” one as well, a Japanese-style temple (1:26 marker); but couldn’t find who’s linked to the scientific complex (0:51 marker).


ARMS doesn’t have an official release date yet (although Amazon Italy might have spilled the beans…). Nintendo has just confirmed the game for Spring, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.


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