Tomorrow Corporation Games slated for March 23rd in Europe

They're coming next week!

Last Wednesday, we told you that Tomorrow Corporation would release World Of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine this week on Nintendo Switch eShop. However, we didn’t have a release date for Europe… yet. But now, there’s news.

Yesterday, Tomorrow Corporation updated their website and confirmed that the three indie games will release on the European eShop for March 23rd. And since they’re priced $9.99 right now, expect the same price for Europe: £9.99/€9.99.

The three back-catalogue ports will include the soundtracks, co-op in World of Goo and Little Inferno, along with multiple cool control options (including the Joy-Con as a pointer). However, they’ll only be available through the eShop, and looks like it’s going to stay that way. Tomorrow Corporation said that they consider a physical version but it’s not likely to happen.

We are looking into a physical version, but it’s a lot trickier than the digital world we’re all living in now. If we do find a way to make a physical version, it will not be for a while. In the meantime, you are welcome to download the games to your Switch, and then put your Switch in a box. Is a physical version something you want? Let us know!

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