Factor 5 estimates Switch power between Wii U and Xbox One

A developer point of view to estimate Nintendo's new system

It comes up every time we get a new generation of console: which one has more power? If the Nintendo Switch comes late in the run and doesn’t play alongside its competitors (since it’s a hybrid rather than a standard home console) from Sony and Microsoft, we can’t help but wonder. So today, here’s a little something to ease our need for battle between the gaming majors.

In an interview for Spieleveteranen, Julian Eggebrecht – Co-Founder of Factor 5 Studio – said that from what he’s seen on the system, it’s somewhere between the Wii U and the Xbox One. Eggebrecht also confirmed what other studios have said, the Switch is easy to develop for, kinda like the PlayStation 4.

Eggebrecht isn’t doing a detailed benchmark of each system power or even looking at the games that each console has come up with, it’s just the feeling that he has now that he’s developed on all of them. Aside from the fact that this won’t answer our question at all, his point of view is interesting. Why? Because one of the reasons of the failure of the Wii U was that developers and studios didn’t want to create their latest game on it. Not only because no one had bought the console, but also because it was a pain in the ass to develop on. Nintendo has learned from their mistakes, and the Switch already benefits from that. Take a look at the whole indie line up if you don’t agree with us.

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