Fire Emblem Heroes: the next Grand Hero Battle is Michalis

The Ambitious King of Macedon is coming in Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo of America just announced via its Twitter account the next Grand Hero Battle on Fire Emblem Heroes. This time, the battle starts on March 24th and will be against Michalis, the Ambitious King of Macedon! Nothing more than what you’re looking at below has been confirmed. But we’ll assume that, as usual during these events, you’ll get to unlock him for your army. The tweet also shows what the character will look like ingame.

This announcement is no big surprise since Nintendo already confirmed the line up of battles for the next weeks. After Michalis, prepare your self for Navarre the Scarlet Sword (early April), Zephiel the Liberator (late April), Xander the Paragon Knight (early May) and Lloyd the White Wolf (late May).



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