Making Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild – Story and Characters

Living an adventure full of tales, strong heroes and troublesome foes

The last Making Of Zelda Breath of the Wild shared by Nintendo today focuses on the story and the characters. In this episode, the development team behind the latest adventures of Link, Zelda, Ganon and all the inhabitants of Hyrule answers a question: “How do you tell an epic story in a massive open world?“.

We’ve seen in the previous Making Of that this iteration of Hyrule is massive and in the good way, since it’s an open air adventure. But for every adventure there must be a story to tell. In previous Zelda games, it was shaped around the history of three characters: Zelda, Link and Ganon(dorf). This is still the case here, but to give a distinctive step forward in the series, Eiji Aonuma and his team had to reinvent the classics.




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